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Blackburn Will Oppose Military Action in Syria


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Blackburn Will Oppose Military Action in Syria

WASHINGTON – Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) today issued the following statement announcing that she will oppose giving President Barack Obama the authority to take military action in Syria:

“The gravity of the decision to take action in Syria and potentially send our men and women in uniform into battle weighs on me and many of my colleagues.

“To reach a decision, I have visited extensively with constituents who have family or have lived in region; military personnel and their families, military retirees – many who have been active in military intelligence; and members of our Kurdish community who have themselves faced such vile treatment. I have met with parents of young children who have watched the events in the Middle East with interest and fear, individuals who support Christians in the region, and defenders of Israel.

“After being briefed by administration officials and having the opportunity to review the intelligence reports, it is my opinion that President Obama has not made a case for how and why US military action in Syria is in our own national interest. I am concerned that US military action in Syria will result in another extended involvement in the Middle East and this is unwise.

“This administration has not been able to articulate a plan as to how they would implement the use of military force. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I will not vote to put the lives of our troops at risk without a clearly defined mission, an execution strategy and an exit strategy.”




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