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Editorial 09/21/13: Frederick Coffell III

SCAreadersSpeakOutDear Kingston Springs, Kingston Springs City Commission:

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Please consider what I have to say. It is with the utmost sincerity and matter of principal that I address you with these deep concerns.

I am writing to ask you, the city of Kingston Springs and its officials, to see the error of your ways. I urge you to cease all actions, legal and presumed legal, with regards to Mr. Andy Sullivan of Kingston Springs. This is audacious and a misguided. This is clearly an obvious case of harassment which needs to stop immediately. Furthermore, I implore you to repeal “Junked cars ordinance” § 13-401(3). As any reasonable person, can see, this ordinance is a direct infringement of Mr. Sullivan’s constitutional rights.

First things first, Mr. Sullivan has, as do all the residents of Kingston Springs and all Americans, need I remind you.., the God given, right, under the first Amendment, to speak and or express himself freely, WITHOUT infringement.

How is it not obvious that this is a main part the crux of this situation? This man, whom never mind, has lived on the property and been paying taxes on Mt. Pleasant Rd. for about 50 years, has tried diligently to comply with the city’s demands up to this point. He has a hobby and a past time that allows him to recreate history, build and customize and manifest his ART, his AMERICAN ART. I can only presume that someone who has no appreciation for anything that’s American or “Americana” as some call it, may possibly have overlooked this. Since Mr. Sullivan’s property and his Historic Car Collection aren’t KIA’s, with an iPhone-port, wrapped in shiny plastic and come from a drive thru espresso stand on the way to a nail appointment or a T-time, the FEW people who’ve complained must be of a different, more Global, Zoloft-induced, commercial-media-force-fed, shallow persuasion. That’s of course, in my humble opinion, while gauging the reflected depth and integrity of the characters of those making complaints.

Free speech IS protected from the actions you are trying to take with this ordinance. Free speech is protected, SO THAT an INDIVIDUAL (tough word for some people, I know it!) can exercise his right to express himself without someone who DOESN’T LIKE his “expression”, simply “shutting him down”. This is wrong.

This ordinance is, I hope, simply a mistake that needs to be scrapped. City Ordinance § 13-401(3) being unconstitutional, is null at its very inception. It cannot stand and it will not stand.

As for the matter of Sullivan’s Property, this ordinance § 13-401(3) is without question, a blatant infringement of his Fourth amendment” right to be secure in [his] persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,” How can it be said that he is, at this point, secure in his effects or his house, for that matter? Private property is a natural right that predates government. This should be self-evident. The fact that one pays taxes on the property underlines the idea of private ownership AND MANAGEMENT. This is a good point to underline; Limited Government.

Let me not forget to mention the young person in Kingston Springs who’s trying to make it on his/her own. Trying to be a responsible person and find and keep a job in this poor, decrepit excuse for an economy. This person doesn’t have AAA or a $45,000 Vehicle that’s a year old and still under warranty. They can’t afford to comply with this ridiculously short limit on the length of time a vehicle can sit inoperable. This young person may have to pull a motor out of their car and save for a new one or make good resource of a “parts-car”. These things take time. It would seem some people take little consideration for others or for reality or virtue when passing down their word on those for whom they serve. This is uncalled for.

Who thinks the city got a call from Every resident of Kingston Springs that DOES, ( there are many) actually ENJOY driving by and seeing These fading memories of a different time and nostalgic reminiscence of an America that was a whole lot more free? A quick memory of how our culture had been wrapped in the wheels and the power, the leather and steel, even wood, of the great days of not so, or maybe long ago?

These days, Liberty is increasingly kicked aside and dismissed at every avenue. There was a time when Liberty meant something, when it WAS THE THING. A time when Liberty didn’t take a backseat to “Oh, we have to keep property values high so we can borrow more against it. Or “We have to bring in revenue, so we can pay more people to tell the residents what to do with their own property, so we can tax the property, that they own and yet from which we receive our bread!” This is preposterous. These cars represent freedoms that many including myself have served to protect and uphold. Some of these cars make up the daydreams of young marines and soldiers, homesick and half a globe away. To many of them, these ARE America in their mind’s eye. Yet you would see them scrapped in place of what … oh yeah, we can just buy Hyundai’s now, right?

Liberty is a Gas Pedal, a steering wheel and a stick-shift. It takes a back seat to nothing. It for damned sure, it takes no back seat to “eeewww! Oh my god Becky! Look at that hideous rusting car! There should be a law!”

Remember also that the city certainly has a responsibility to be appropriative in its spending and use of resources. Would an increase in legal costs to stand behind an unconstitutional and immoral ordinance be in the best interest of the people of Kingston Springs? … Based on aesthetics on private property? Really?

There are an increasing number of people behind Mr. Sullivan on this. I personally am prepared to offer my time as well as financial and studious resources to seeing this ordinance repealed. In the case of Andy Sullivan, to help see that he is left alone to do as he sees fit on and with his own property. Furthermore I pledge to help keep the constitutionally, republican, American values in place in Kingston Springs.

Thank you for your time and for your service.

It is your duty to protect Mr. Sullivan’s rights as well as those of a few complainers.

The People of Kingston Springs are counting on you to do the right thing.

Frederick Coffell III
Kingston Springs

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