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@ The Library by Betty White

@ The LibraryCALENDAR

Monday, September 23rd-@7:00- BookNutz meet to discuss the book “The Zookeepers Wife”, by Diane Ackerman – All book lovers are welcome!

Tuesday, September 24th- @10:30 – Coffee & Chat and Knit-Us-Together

Thursday, September 26th-@ 10:30- Storytime with Mrs. Velvet – Join us as we “Dig Into Reading” with stories, songs, and a craft!!

Coming up: Saturday, October 5th- from 8:00-3:00- Friends of the Library Waffle Breakfast (8:00-10:00) and book sale. Make plans to stop on your way to Art in the Park and support your local library!!


Something Borrowed, Someone Dead: An Agatha Raisin Novel, by M.C.Beaton. Gloria French was a jolly widow with dyed blond hair, a raucous laugh and rosy cheeks. When she first moved from London to the charming Cotswolds hills, she was heartily welcomed. She seemed a do-gooder par excellence, raising funds for the church and caring for the elderly. But she had a nasty habit of borrowing things and not giving them back, just small things, a teapot here, a set of silverware there. So it’s quite the shock when she is found dead, murdered by a poisoned bottle of elderberry wine. Afraid the murder will be a blight on the small town, Parish Councillor, Jerry Tarrant, hires Agatha Raisin to track down the murderer. The village is secretive and the residents resent Agatha’s investigation. Of course that doesn’t stop the ever-persistent Agatha from investigating and sticking her nose where no one wants it… especially as the suspect list grows. And, as if it isn’t enough that Agatha’s ex has reentered the picture, the murderer is now targeting Agatha….

The Longest Ride, by Nicholas Sparks. Ira Levinson is in trouble. At ninety-one, in poor health and alone in the world, he finds himself stranded on an isolated embankment after a car crash. Suffering multiple injuries, he struggles to retain consciousness until a blurry image materializes and comes into focus beside him. His beloved wife Ruth, who passed away nine years ago. Urging him to hang on, she forces him to remain alert by recounting the stories of their lifetime together. Ira knows that Ruth can’t be in the car with him, but he clings to her words, and his memories. A few miles away, at a local rodeo, A Wake Forest College senior’s life is about to change. Recovering from a recent break-up, Sophia Danko meets a young cowboy named Luke. As she and Luke fall in love, Sophia finds herself imagining a future far removed from her plans, a future Luke has the power to rewrite, if the secret he’s keeping doesn’t destroy it first…Their lives will converge with unexpected poignancy, reminding us all that even the most difficult decisions can yield extraordinary journeys: beyond despair, beyond death, to the farthest reaches of the human heart….

The Final Cut, by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison. Scotland Yards new chief inspector Nicholas Drummond is on the first flight to New York when he learns his colleague, Elaine York, the “minder” of the Crown Jewels for the “Jewel of the Lion” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was found murdered. Then the centerpiece of the exhibit, the infamous Koh-i-Noor Diamond, is stolen from the Queen Mother’s crown. Drummond is a dark, dangerous, fast-rising star in the Yard who never backs down and this case is no exception. Special agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich don’t hesitate to help Drummond find the cunning international thief known as the Fox. Nonstop action and high stakes intensify as the chase gets deadly. The Fox will stop at nothing to deliver the Koh-i-Noor to the man who believes in it’s deadly prophecy. Nicholas Drummond along with his partner, FBI Special Agent Mike Caine, lay it all on the line to retrieve the diamond for Queen and country….

Thankless in Death, by J.D. Robb. The year of 2060 is drawing to a close in New York City and loved ones are coming together for Thanksgiving. But sometimes the deepest hatreds seethe within the closest relationships, and blood flows faster than water… Lieutenant Eve Dallas has plenty to be thankful for this season. Hosting Roark’s big Irish family for the holiday may be challenging, but it’s an improvement on her own dark childhood. Other couples aren’t as lucky. The Reinholds, for example, are lying in their home stabbed and bludgeoned almost beyond recognition. Those who knew them are stunned and heartbroken by the evidence that they were murdered by their own son! Twenty-six-year-old Jerry intends to finally make his mark on the world. Eve and her team know the who, how, and why of this murder. What they need to pinpoint is where Jerry’s going to strike next…..

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