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A Low Blood Supply is Enough to Scare Anyone ~ Give a Treat this Halloween, Give Blood or Platelets


Ghosts, Monsters, Mummies and Vampires – it’s fun to be scared on Halloween.  From fake blood to fake teeth, trick-or-treaters are serious in their pursuit of candy.
The American Red Cross is also serious around Halloween – serious about preventing a blood shortage.  While there are many ways to create fake blood, there is no substitute for the real thing. Blood and platelets must come from volunteer donors, yet studies show only three in 100 people give blood. The Tennessee Valley Blood Region serves 58 hospitals and must have approximately 600 people donate blood or platelets each weekday to treat hospital patients in your community and across the country.
You can stay one step ahead of the vampires this Halloween by donating whole blood or platelets.  Your lifesaving donation is the perfect treat and the best way to scare off a blood shortage. One donation can help save up to three lives.
Please call 1-800 RED CROSS or visit to schedule your appointment to donate blood.
Locally, you may give blood throughout the month of October:
Cheatham    TN    10/20/13    9:00 AM    1:00 PM    Pegram Church of Christ    5019 Walkup Road    Pegram

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