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Editorial 10/12/13: Margaret Verran

SCAreadersSpeakOutThis letter is in response to the Oct 5th letter by Milton Taylor.
You are absolutely right, I shouldn’t criticize your right to vote for anyone you choose.
It is none of my business.
Would you please explain what misinformation I lied about. Do you deny that President Obama promised that we could keep our doctors and hospital of choice? That is completely not true.
If you have checked the news in the last few days you have heard the horror stories about the cost of Obama care insurance. One case that was reported about a family of 4 in Ind. making $45,000.00 per year. The cost for a medical policy for this family will be $700.00 per month. I’m sorry but that is outrageous to expect any family making $45,000.00 to pay that kind of money.
This ” affordable”  insurance will bankrupt families of low income. But as one Democrat explained,  the uninsured are happy to pay no matter the cost. I say horse feathers to this, are they expected to chose between food and shelter for their children or Obama care?
I do believe that the insurance industry needs to be reformed, but Obama care is not the answer. When has the government ever ran a business successfully? One of the few things I do agree with Obama care is to not deny insurance to those that have a pre-existing condition. Of course this will result in higher premiums for everyone,  as for myself I don’t mind paying my share to cover these unfortunate people.
You stated that you are a veteran of the armed forces, and for your service to this country I say Thank You.  But it is difficult for me to understand why you would be proud to have voted for this president that apologizes for Americas actions in Arab countries that are dedicated to our destruction. The good ole USA has saved several countries from certain destruction. If it wasn’t for our brave men fighting in WWll,  Europe  would be speaking German.
Sir, I would never wish any ill deed be done to you or your family. That was completely uncalled for you to wish ill on my family, they had no input in my letter.
You stated that I spewed hate-have you read your letter? Seriously I don’t think you realize how hate filled your letter is.
Explain to me why George Bush ‘s name comes up anytime Obama is criticized? What does one have to do with the other?
But after all we are all entitled to our opinion and I apologize for infringing on yours.
Now I am going to crawl under my old white woman rock.
I just wonder where your angry hateful man rock is.
Unless you have read the editorials from the last two weeks then this letter will not make sense to you. I will be happy to email copies to you.  My phone number is in the phone book.

Margaret Verran
Kingston Springs

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