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Editorial 10/12/13: Steve Lundwall

SCAreadersSpeakOut    Mr. Thune, in response to your letter last week where you stated that Mr. Sullivan’s cars don’t meet the standard of what you consider collectible cars, let me say that I have a degree in architecture. I’ve seen your house. Please let me supply you a link to a website that shows what a truly presentable house looks like as yours doesn’t measure up. And I believe the government should tear yours down and force you to build one that matches that standard. The rest of us are offended.
— Silly, isn’t it. – Please forgive the sarcasm but that is what you’re advocating.
Remember, the Andy Sullivan Defense Fund is still open at both branches of Community Bank and Trust. The battle is ongoing and lawyers are expensive! Many people have asked how they can push back. Your contribution – no matter how small is appreciated and supports the cause of freedom. Ask yourself, if not you, who? If not now, when? Thanks for the help. This persecution and prosecution must stop.

Steve Lundwall
Kingston Springs, TN

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