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@ The Library by Betty White

@ The LibraryCALENDAR

Monday, October 14th- The Library is closed for Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 15th- @ 10:30, Coffee & Chat and Knit-Us-Together

Thursday, October 17th- @ 10:30 Storytime with Mrs. Velvet, join us for stories, songs, and a craft

Thursday, October 17th- @ 7:00- Seed Library Information Night – all gardeners welcome!

Monday, October 21st- from 10:00-4:00 Medicare Part D Information and Enrollment with SHIP

Friday, October 25th- from 10:00-11:00 Computer instruction class, sign up at the front desk.

**** The Book Club meets on October 28th- @ 7:00 to discuss the book,”The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton.


Storm Front, by John Sandford. In Israel, a man clutching a backpack searches desperately for a boat. In Minnesota, Virgil Flowers gets a message from Lucas Davenport: You’re about to get a visitor. It’s an Israeli cop and she’s tailing a man who’s smuggling out an extraordinary relic- a copper scroll revealing startling details about the man known as King Solomon. Wait a minute, laughs Virgil. Should I be boning up on my Bible verses? He looks at the cop. She’s not laughing. As it turns out, there are very bad men chasing the relic, and they don’t care who’s in the way or what they have to do to get it. Maybe Virgil should start praying….

Doing Hard Time, by Stuart Woods. When Stone Barrington embarks on a trip to Bel-Air , he expects a relaxing break from the fast paced mean streets of New York. But trouble never takes a vacation,and it has a way of finding Stone. A case that had seemingly been resolved has returned in full force—with lethal results. And this deadly situation makes for strange bedfellows when Stone finds himself teamed with the least likely ally…a gentleman of unique abilities, who can fly below the radar and above the law. The trail of disguise, subterfuge, and murder leads to a shocking conclusion…..

Unspoken, by Dee Henderson. Charlotte Graham is at the center of the most famous kidnapping in Chicago history. Four very long years later the FBI and local cops found her abductors, killed them, and rescued her. The fact she was found less than three miles from her home, had been there the entire time, haunts them. She’s changed her identity, found a profession she loves, and rebuilt her life. She has never said a word about those four years. Bryce Bishop is writing a book about the kidnapping. The more he gets to know her, the more interested he becomes, but nothing else is working in his favor, she has decided she is single for life, she struggles with her faith, and she’s willing to forego a huge inheritance to keep her privacy. Charlotte wants to trust him. She needs to tell him what happened. Because a crime cops thought was solved, has only opened another chapter….

An Untamed Heart, by Lauraine Snelling. Twenty-year-old Ingeborg Strand is certain she is destined to be an old maid, until she meets a university student from Oslo, feelings stronger than friendship develop between them. Tragedy strikes and the future begins to look bleaker than ever. Her mother suggests she leave Norway and start afresh in America. But how will she accomplish that with little money and no one to accompany her? It isn’t long before she meets Roald Bjorklund, a widower who has been planning to go to America for some time. He’s a good man, and hard-working, and he has a young son who needs a mother. He’s clearly interested in Ingeborg, but is he the answer to her prayers? And what about love? This isn’t how she’s always imagined it. Ingebord has a heart rendering decision to make…..

Loss of Innocence, by Richard Patterson North. America is in a state of turbulence, engulfed in civil unrest and uncertainty. Yet for Whitney Dane spending the summer of her twenty-second year on Martha’s Vineyard, life could not be safer. Nor the future more certain. Soon to be married Whitney has everything she has ever wanted. But the Vineyard’s still waters are disturbed by the appearance of Benjamin Blaine. An underprivileged, yet fiercely ambitious and charismatic figure. Blaine is a force of nature neither Whitney nor her family could have prepared for. Ben’s presence begins to awaken an independence within Whitney, and also brings deep-rooted family tensions to a dangerous head. Soon her set -in-stone future becomes far from satisfactory, and her picture-perfect family far from pretty….

**** We have many more new titles- look for the Red Tape marked NEW on the spine!!

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