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@ The Library

@ The Libraryby Betty White


Monday, November 11th- The library will be closed for Veterans Day.

Tuesday, November 12th- @ 10:30 – Coffee & Chat

Wednesday, November 13th- @ 10:30 Thanks For Giving Brunch – Please join us!!

Thursday, November 14th- @ 10:30 Storytime with Mrs. Velvet

**** The Book Nutz will meet next on December 9th- This will combine the Nov and Dec meetings-

The book selection is “Winter Garden” by Kristin Hannah.

**** Food for Fines has started- you can pay your overdue fines with non-perishable food items for

The ARK.

**** Mark your calendars now for December 5th- @ 7:00 – Christmas Tree Lighting and Holiday Cookie Contest- and December 7th- @ 10:00 For Santa at the library.


The Valley of Amazement, by Amy Tan. Shanghai, 1912, Violet Minturn, is the privileged daughter of the American madam of the city’s most exclusive courtesan house. Half -Chinese and half-American,

Violet grapples with her place in the worlds of East and West, until she is able to merge her two halves, empowering her to become a shrewd courtesan who excels in the business of seduction and illusion, though she still struggles to understand who she is. Back in 1897 San Francisco, Violet’s mother, Lucia, chooses a disastrous course as a sixteen-year-old, when her infatuation with a Chinese painter compels her to leave her home for Shanghai. Fueled by betrayals, both women refuse to submit to fate and societal expectations, persisting in their quests to recover what was taken from them: respect, a secure future, and most poignantly, love from their parents, lovers, and children…..

Mirage, by Clive Cussler. In October 1943, a U.S. Destroyer sailed out of Philadelphia and supposedly vanished, the result of a Navy experiment with electromagnetic radiation. The story was considered a hoax, but now Juan Cabrillo and his Oregon colleagues aren’t so sure. There is talk of a new weapon soon to be auctioned, something very dangerous to America’s interests, and the rumors link it to the great inventor Nikola Tesla, who was working with the Navy when he died in 1943. Was he responsible for the experiment? Are his notes in the hands of enemies? As Cabrillo races to find the truth, he discovers there is even more at stake than he could imagine- but by the time he realizes it, he may already be to late….

The Gravity of Birds, by Tracy Guzeman. How do you find someone who wants to be lost? Sisters Natalie and Alice Kessler were close, until adolescence wrenched them apart. Natalie is headstrong, manipulative and beautiful, Alice is a dreamer who loves books and birds. During their family’s summer holiday at the lake, Alice falls for a struggling painter, Thomas Bayber. Natalie remains strangely unmoved. By the end of the summer three lives are shattered. Decades later, Bayber unveils a never before seen family portrait of the Kessler sisters. Bayber asks Dennis Finch an art history professor, and Stephen Jameson, an art authenticator to sell the painting for him. The task becomes more complicated when the artist requires that they first locate Natalie and Alice, who seem to have vanished. In the end only the evacuation of the past will enable it’s survivors to love again….

Bleeding Edge, by Thomas Pynchon. It is 2001 in New York City, in between the collapse of the dot-com boom and the terrible events of September 11th-Sillicon Valley is a ghost town, Web 1.0 is having adolescent angst, Google has yet to IPO, Microsoft is still considered the evil empire. There may not be quite as much money around as there was at the height of the tech bubble, but there’s no shortage of swindlers looking to grab a piece of what’s left. Maxine Tarnow is running a nice little fraud investigation business, she used to be certified but her license got pulled a while back, so now she can follow her own code of ethics. Maxine starts looking into the finances of a computer-security firm and it’s billionaire geek CEO, She soon finds herself mixed up with a drug runner in an art deco motorboat, a professional nose obsessed with Hitler’s aftershave, a neoliberal enforcer with footwear issues, plus elements of the Russian mob and various bloggers, hackers, code monkeys, and entrepreneurs, some of whom begin to show up mysteriously dead. Foul play, of course….

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