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Editorial: Carolyn (McElroy) Cauthen

SCAreadersSpeakOutAnother successful K.S./Bellevue Classes Reunion has come and gone. I want to thank all of the people who worked many hours to put this event together. Even the weather cooperated. As I went out of my door, my husband said, “You are going to freeze”, but a light jacket was all I needed.

First, I was warmly greeted at the sign-in table and presented with the evening program. The D. J. had 50’s music playing. While I was not socializing, I was singing. I knew the words to every song.

The three-part blessing brought tears, especially for the protection of our military in harm’s way. Both my son, a former Marine, and my son-in-law, who spent 18 months in Iraq, are safe at home.

Johnny, one of my best friends and next-door neighbor growing up, did an excellent job as M. C., but may I say, “If you desire a profound comment from people, perhaps you should wait until they do not have a mouth full of food.”

I understand that Janice Dooley prepared all of the side dishes for the bar-b-que. So good! The homemade desserts brought back memories of my mom’s fried pies.

Singing the Alma Mater filled me with such a sense of pride. The history of Kingston Springs, its teachers, and former famous residents was a walk down memory lane. Janice, not only did the Jesse James’ gang spend time in the Springs Lot Hotel, they also visited the Maple Shade Hotel in Craggie Hope. On a personal note, “does anyone recall Jenny Gordon?” She lived on the hill across from the K. S. Cemetery directly behind my childhood home. She would greet the morning singing loud and clear. You could hear her from miles around.

Jason, thanks for the slide show. Also, thanks to the “Story Tellers” for sharing their personal tales. Due to this reunion, I caught up with two of my dearest girlfriends.

When I returned home, I told David he missed out on winning a door prize. my number was 22. Both 21 and 23 were called, but neither were there.

Already looking forward, God willing, to the next reunion.

Carolyn (McElroy) Cauthen

Craggie Hope Community

Kingston Springs


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