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Editorial: Larry Box

SCAreadersSpeakOutTo the editor!

I recycle my plastic and cardboard, also have 3 compost bins. About every 5 or 6 weeks I do have to make a run to the dump. I would like to know what exactly are the “Rules” for our Cheatham County Landfill. I know everything has to have a tarp over it and you can only have 10 bags of household trash.

I was there yesterday morning and my blood pressure is still up. They cut the bags open checking them, pulled out an old T-Shirt and said it could not go in with the bagged household trash, so they left it in the bed of my truck. Seems to me like that’s kinda “Nit Pickey”. I could see it if I had partial cans of paint of something, but a T-shirt? Really? ….. I know where I’d like to put that T-Shirt. The guys doing this are not to blame, its their boss, they don’t want to pick through all that stuff.

What are you to do with the little “Nit Pickey” items?

My question is WHAT is considered “household trash”?



Larry Box

Kingston Springs

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