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socksNovember 18th  – December 18th
“There, but for the grace of God, go I”
Each year I’m amazed by the kindness and generosity of those of you who donate to this sock drive.  I started the sock drive in 2008 as a way to honor my brother’s memory. Steve loved new socks and I’m sure that some way, somehow he is aware that hundreds of folks in need receive new socks each December.  This would not be possible without all of you.  I only organize the effort, YOU are the true heroes every year.
Who becomes homeless? Sadly, it can happen to anyone. Job loss due to illness, cutbacks or accidents cause many folks to lose the comfort of their homes.  Veterans returning from duty sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the norm of society after what they experienced serving our country. Mental and physical disabilities play a role in homelessness as well. Whatever the reason, these are our brothers and sisters.  I’m so proud of all of you for the compassion and effort you show each year by donating new socks to make someone’s hardship a little more bearable.  A pair of socks is a simple thing but when you don’t have any, a new pair of socks is something to smile about for a moment in time. Thank you for caring and thank you for donating.

Drop off locations:

Community Bank & Trust                                     Heritage Bank
704 Hwy 70                                                                104 W. Kingston Springs Rd
Pegram                                                                          Kingston Springs

God bless,
Kathy Entsminger

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