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Editorial: Naomi Carol Rachuj

SCAreadersSpeakOutDear Editor,
I’m writing this letter out of concern from a lot of residents including myself in the Ranchette’s subdivision, to the fact of not being able to safely drive out when the weather gets any amount of rain or snow and freezes. I would think that paying taxes should include sufficient salting or snow removal enough to climb these steep hills in the event of inclement weather, that is not asking for much. Our attempts to go to work the morning of January 6th was a disaster. I am a nurse and take care of humans not machines, my getting to work is important to others, not just those needing care,  but also the other health care workers needing the nurse to show up. I have heard it said that salt does not work in this cold weather, this is simply not true, just ask anyone that lives in a much colder climate than us, they just laugh at such foolishness.

Naomi Carol Rachuj
Kingston Springs (The Ranchettes)

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