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Editorial: Kari Carrington

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to express my utmost concern as to how we as a community distribute our charitable donations. Let me first say that I donate to several charities, even when pinching pennies– I believe it is indeed my obligation to always help those who are in need. That being said, I stand firmly behind the statement I so often heard my Mother use “The Lord helps those who help themselves”.

I have quietly observed many acts of kindness toward a specific family in our community, no doubt from people or organizations that have the best intentions, but do not see what I see on a daily basis: four adults and five children living in an unkempt house with toys, trash, furniture, and clothing strewn about the yard. Many of the items donated are wasting away in the mud and rain. Of these four adults, only ONE is employed part-time! I see cars at home all day, parents walking around in pajamas until late afternoon, clearly there is no job search in progress. There is no doubt that this family has experienced hard times, but haven’t we all?

The sad part in all of this is the children! They are not taught the value of a dollar, how to earn a living, or how to appreciate their belongings. We gave to an organization this year that took donations for new bikes for children in need, and wouldn’t you know it– this particular family suddenly had shiny new bikes laying in the mud, street, and driveway. I was furious! We work very hard for money in our household, and part of it is wasting away in the mud.

Now you may think that I am overreacting, but the first Christmas I knew this family I saw FOUR different charities come and deliver mountains of toys– more than an average child would get from his/her parents. Shortly after this, another well-known charitable organization in our community made two house payments for them. They can whip out the tears at the drop of a hat to get what they want or need. Slowly I have seen the charitable donations dwindle, so I hope some other folks are getting wise.

Perhaps I am venting a little, but I would love some feedback from readers who know how charitable donations are distributed, particularly in Kingston Springs. I have to ask the question, if this is happening to one manipulative family, how many others are doing the same thing? Wouldn’t this money be better spent teaching parents of needy children a trade to gain employment?

I have now black-balled the six charities involved, and will continue to do so until I have proof of where my money is going. I welcome any comments or information from our community.

Kari Carrington

Kingston Springs

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