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Editorial: Kathie Parks

SCAreadersSpeakOutI know everyone is about tired of the winter weather and the snow when it comes. What I find hard to believe is that someone actually expects our fine road department to clear every road in the county early enough for everyone that goes to work so early (nurses, Drs., etc.) to be able to get out on time. I know we, that live in the Ranchettes, feel we are all very special people and live in a very special place where we expect peace and quiet and not much traffic. Through the years, more have moved out here and the traffic is like a race track and a lot do not respect their neighbors desire to have peace and quiet. My suggestion to those of you that must get to work in the mornings when you know the weather is expecting snow and ice that you might make arrangements to stay in town and closer to your job. I mean, it is not like it was a sudden thing and the TV stations predictions come a few days ahead. If you have to make arrangements with a neighbor for children, then get to know your neighbor in case of you needing to not come back here to Paradise and stay over in town, then the kids will be taken care of.

If you wait a little while, the road will get salted and the sun will help clear the snow and ice. The Ranchettes have lots of hills too. Remember, you are not in the city, you are in a rural county location and if you are expecting cleared roads early in the morning in the county, you need to go back to the city. Our county road workers do a fabulous job and they are very generous with the salting. I appreciate them for their work and the chances they take to get our roads cleared as quickly as they possibly can.

Kathie Parks

The Ranchettes

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