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Editorial: Homer R. Dodson

SCAreadersSpeakOutTo the Editor:

I am glad to respond to Kari Carrington’s well thought letter from last week. Of course, The Lord helps those who help themselves, but eagerly helps those who don’t or want. Grace shines on us all. We must temper the spirit of giving with good human responsibility in a tough sin-cursed world of our own doing.

I think of cave man as described from Job to show how deeply a human group can descend, “For want and famine they were solitary: fleeing into the wilderness in former time desolate and waste. Who cut up mallows by the bushes, and juniper roots for their meat. They were driven forth from among men, (they cried after them as after a thief;) To dwell in the clifts of the valleys, in caves of the earth, and in the rocks. Among the bushes they brayed; under the nettles they were gathered together.” Job: 30:3-7

There were not ape-men but descendants of those from whom we are descended. For some reason…since The Bible talked about their diet it could be they got on things that caused destruction of the basic building blocks of a growing physical civilization like the equivalent of drugs.

Their drive skills and competitive spirit died. Even their communication deteriorated and the verses even hint at a stooping (“among the bushes they brayed”) that may be the reason we find deformed remains.

A few years ago, I was driven to the hovels along the Cumberland River well in sight of downtown Nashville. These folks were dropouts and most of us would drive them from our yard and they wouldn’t want to be there anyway.

I read a tragedy from job in reading of Cavemen. I saw a tragedy in the hovels of the Cumberland River.

Christ told us that we would have the poor with us always. And here’s the proof: If there was ever a country that would eliminate poverty it is the United States. Since the liberal’s War on Poverty began in 1965, we spent 21 trillion dollars and the percent of poverty rises under Obama and liberal policy.

Over twenty years ago, there was a parking lot somewhere behind The Customs House. You could park all day for sixty cents. I parked there and as I went to the place to put my money in the right number, there was a man jamming a clothes hanger to hopelessly pry loose some coins.

I had pity on the man. I quietly placed two quarters near his thumb. He never quit what he was doing but briefly took the quarters and worked on.

What ever we do, we must never lose our capacity for pity. And thank you Mrs. Carrington for reminding us to be prudent when we help others. I’ve heard the phrase, “Give a hand up and not a hand out.”

Homer R. Dodson

Of East Belltown

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