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@ The Library by Betty White

@ The LibraryCALENDAR

Monday, January 27th- @ 7:00 – Book Nutz meet to discuss “ The Girls of Atomic City : the untold story of the Women Who Helped Win World War ll, by Denise Kierman.

Tuesday, January 28th- @10:30 Coffee & Chat and Knit-Us-Together

Thursday, January 30th- @ 10:30 – Storytime with Mrs. Velvet. Join us for stories,songs and a craft!

Saturday, February 1st- Take Your Child to the Library Day!! Join us for a great program with Terry Hedges – Magic, songs and stories – and get your child a library card.


The Unwelcomed Child, by V.C. Andrews. My mother had looked into the face of evil so many times she knew what it was. It was me. I was born without a soul. Elle Edwards grew up believing that because of her mother’s sinful ways she was born without a soul; that is why she was abandoned and left in the care of Grandmother Myra and Grandfather Prescott, who try to ensure her evil will not infect them; by raising her in a virtual prison. Because her days are occupied with homeschooling, strict religious studies, and vigorous housekeeping in their upstate New York home, Elle knows practically nothing of the outside world, even as she emerges as a young woman with impressive artistic talent. But when she makes a secret, forbidden connection to vacationers at the nearby lake; a handsome boy and his precocious twin sister, Elle’s world will shatter. Will discovering the truths about her past send her future plummeting to hell?????

Courting Greta, by Ramsey Hootman. Samuel Cooke knows most women wouldn’t give him a second glance even if he were the last man on earth. He’s the cripple with the crutches, the nerdy computer genius every female past puberty feels compelled to mother. So when he leaves his lucrative career to teach programming to high schoolers, romance definitely isn’t on his radar. That is why Greta Cassamajor catches him off guard. The sarcastic gym coach with zero sense of humor is no beauty – not even on the inside. But an inexplicably kind act toward Samuel makes him realize she is interesting. Samuel is certain she will not accept his invitation to dinner, so when she does, he is out of his depth. All he knows is that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her as long as he can. Pretending he’s got his class under control? Easy. Being vulnerable enough to admit why he ditched his programming career for teaching? Um, no. That would require honesty. And if there’s one thing Samuel can’t live without, it’s the lies he tells himself….

A Long Shadow, by Charles Todd. It’s New Year’s Eve, 1919. Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge has accompanied his sister to the home of mutual friends for dinner but gets a call from the office and has to leave. On the steps outside, he sees a brass cartridge casing, like countless others he’s seen during the war. But this one has an engraving in the metal. Curious, he pockets it. Soon after, Rutledge is on the southern coast of England helping the local police capture a murderer. Work done, on a whim he drives along the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic and takes a walk out on the headland. Returning to his car, he finds another engraved cartridge casing on the driver’s seat. He’s been followed. The cartridge seems to point to the war and unfinished business there. To stay alive in the face of an unknown and unseen adversary, Rutledge is pressed to the limits of his skills. He’s the prey. But who is the hunter?????


Bryson City Secrets : Even More Tales of a Small-town Doctor in the Smoky Mountains, by Larimore, Walter L.

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