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Cheatham County Recycling Making Big Improvements


Cheatham County Mayor David McCullough with Director Mike Mangrum


Last week Cheatham County Mayor David McCullough and Director Mike Mangrum proudly showed off changes at the Sam’s Creek Rd. Landfill and Convenience Center. Those changes are taking recycling opportunities in the county to new levels of ease and convenience.

“We have lots of good people in this county and they want to do the right thing and recycle”, Mangrum said as he explained the new Single Stream method of recycling. Residents can now bring all of their recyclables in one container: flattened cardboard, magazines, paper, phone books, plastic bottles and containers, aluminum, tin and steel cans, etc. (no glass), and place them onto the conveyor belt. The cost to the county for the concrete pads and necessary electrical connections for the 3 Convenience Centers now using Single Stream (Pegram, Pleasant View and Ashland City), was approximately $14,000. The compactors used are refurbished. When they are full they are hauled to Nashville where the contents are separated. Mangrum explained that each time a compactor is filled (they hold 10 tons) it saves the county $800 in unused landfill space.

At the same site there are also containers where residents can recycle used motor oil, and antifreeze. A state grant paid for those containers and their covers.

Employees will be on hand when the center is open to help, answer questions, and assure that only accepted items go into the compactors. No extra employees will need to be hired for the improved recycling operation.

Mangrum and McCullough also showed off new cardboard containers that are available at events around the county where bottles, paper, cans and plastic cups can be easily recycled. Call the landfill at 792-7538 to arrange for boxes at your event. Boxes are already at most local schools for aluminum cans, and the money is returned to the schools.

Also, Mangrum want’s everyone to know that employees will still have to go through bags of trash being brought to the landfill, and remove things that don’t belong. They will not send it back home with you though, they will simply put it where it belongs, whether recyclable, or household trash. Mayor McCullough also suggested that clean clothing in any shape should be placed in one of the many clothing collections boxes located throughout the county. Even if the clothing is not in great shape, it can be used to make rags.

You must have a Cheatham County Wheel Tax sticker on your vehicle, or proof that you own property in the county to use the landfill. These are the rules for securing loads being delivered to the landfill:

1.All commercial and for-hire pick-up trucks must have load secured with tarp.

2.All trailers must have load secured with a tarp.

3.All residential loads in truck bed must be secured with a tarp IF the load exceeds the level of the truck bed.

4.All residential loads below the level of the truck bed must be secured as to not allow load to blow off/out of truck.

5.All residential loads in trash cans must have lid secured on tightly.

The local convenience center is located at 2791 Sam’s Creek Rd. in Pegram. Following are hours and the rules to abide by so that your experience is quick and aggravation free:


• The Scales open at 7:30 A.M. and close at 3:15 P.M. Scales closed on major holidays.

• The household garbage is 7:30 A.M. till 3:30 P.M. Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


The tipping fee at the landfill for bulk items is $60/ton or $3.00 per 100 lbs.

The tipping fee at the landfill for tires is $100/ton.

There is a minimum $5.00 charge.

There will be a $25.00 surcharge for out of county residents.


Acceptable materials:


• Bagged household garbage for disposal- The State of TN requires us to periodically check bags

• Bulk items (non-household garbage)such as furniture, appliances of any size, construction

•debris, tires(tires accepted only on Tuesday and Thursday), carpet, bicycles, boats, gas tanks,

•mattresses and scrap metals. See above hours for scales and fees for these items.

Acceptable recyclables:

•Used motor oil

•Cardboard and Newspaper

•Steel food cans- food and juice cans only

•Batteries – cars, lawn mowers, ATV etc.


•Constructions Debris

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