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Ranchettes’ Property Appeal to be Heard February 25th

signsmallThe Cheatham County Board of Zoning Appeals will meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, February 25th to hear about a requested Zoning Variance on property located on Bald Eagle Drive and Campbell Ridge Road in the Ranchettes outside of Kingston Springs. The owner, Bill Payne is requesting the variances due to insufficient lot size relative to E-1 Zoning.

The case will be heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals in the General Sessions Courtroom in the Ashland City Court House.

The property is located in an “unrecorded section” of The Ranchettes. According to Cheatham County’s Chief Building Code Official Chris Atkins said, “some of the sections of the Ranchettes, being as old as they are, some of them didn’t get platted because of their age. At the time, that wasn’t required.” As the Ranchettes developed more sections became “recorded” sections. He explained further that the lots in question are still “legal lots”.

There are 3 parcels contained in the appeal. All 3 are owned by Payne family members. “They are trying to modify the property boundary lines between these 3 parcels such that the existing home is completely on that 1 larger parcel”, Atkins explained. This shifting of boundaries will leave the 3 parcels sized at 2.28 acres (property with the house), the smaller 2 parcels which front Campbell Ridge Rd. would be .89 and .88 acres each.

The property is in an E-1 zone (as is all of the Ranchettes), which is a “transition zone” between Ag zoning and strict residential, according to Atkins. The required lot size is 3 acres with public water in E-1, as opposed to 4 acres in Ag zoning. Also, single wide trailers are not allowed in E-1 zoning, but double wide or better is allowed. Only single family dwellings are allowed as well, not duplexes.

The action is not in any way a “rezone”, Atkins explained, and therefore would not set a precedent for other lot owners to be able to change zoning. Atkins also added that “All of the sections of the Ranchettes that’s beyond the section that this one is in, are in “recorded” plats, which has already established what those lot sizes are.”

The best way for the Board of Zoning Appeals to know whether you are for or against this appeal, is through the public meeting at 6p.m. on Tuesday, February 25th, in the General Sessions Courtroom in the Ashland City Court House. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. If your attendance is not possible, you can call the office at 615-792-7915, or email the Board through Chris Atkins at

Please make sure and include your contact information with your correspondence.

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