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Large Brush Fire in Ranchettes Scorches Land Fire Departments Keep Damages to Nearly None

Tuesday afternoon of last week, homeowner Lois Beronja decided to burn some mail and checks in an open burn pit outside of her home at 1245 Whippoorwill Dr. in the Ranchettes outside of Kingston Springs. She couldn’t get the papers to stay lit and assumed the fire was out, going into the house. When she came back out, she was shocked to see that the fire had spread from the burn pit onto her large open yard and into a wooded area, including onto her neighbors’ property.

Lois grabbed a hose and kept the fire from burning her home, but the land for as far as you could see behind her home was scorched black, and the fire was spreading.

Before it was all over, the Kingston Springs Fire Department, Pegram Fire Department, Fairview Fire Department and Williamson County Rescue Squad Responded to assist in bringing the fire under control. Units were on-scene for about 3 hours and used roughly 3,000 gallons of water.

Jeremy Vaughan of the Kingston Springs Fire Department estimating at least 5 acres burned. A children’s wooden play set and the neighbors wooden fence were the only damages.

Please keep in mind, Lois stated that some time was wasted because she wasn’t sure who to call, and tried calling the business line at the fire department several times before calling 9-1-1. Never call the fire department for an emergency. Just pick up the phone and call 9-1-1. They will dispatch who they need to dispatch and help will get to you much more quickly.

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