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County BOZA Grants Variances

Kingston Springs residents showed up in force for Monday night’s Board of Zoning Appeals meeting in Ashland City.
Most of them left disappointed.

They came to stop the 2 AT & T telecommunications towers planned in neighborhoods rich in natural beauty. The first on the agenda is a 195’ monopole tower to be located at 1106 Street Rd. in Kingston Springs. Several residents spoke out passionately about how the tower did not fit with the beautiful vistas and wildlife trails that exist there. They also spoke about the potential danger to the neighborhood, with possible increased lightening strikes, the potential of the tower to fall and the adverse affect to property values.

When it came time to vote, it was explained to the group that because of state and county ordinances, there is very little anyone can do to stop the construction of a telecommunications tower if a landowner is willing to allow it. The board approved by a vote of 4 yes, 1 abstention.

The second identical type tower is planned for 1037 Thrasher Drive in the Ranchettes. The board wanted some of the residents’ concerns answered, and there is third AT & T tower to be presented next month, so the second tower discussion was deferred until then.

Interested persons may comment or raise concerns about the proposed action by submitting an e-mail to Paper comments can be sent to: American Towers LLC, Attn: Environmental Compliance, 10 Presidential Way, Woburn, MA 01801.

The next item on the agenda was a requested Zoning Variance on property located on Bald Eagle Drive and Campbell Ridge Road in the Ranchettes outside of Kingston Springs. The owner, Bill Payne is requesting the variances due to insufficient lot size relative to E-1 Zoning. There are 3 parcels contained in the appeal. All 3 are owned by Payne family members. They are trying to modify the property boundary lines between these 3 parcels so that the existing home is completely on the 1 larger parcel. This shifting of boundaries will leave the 3 parcels sized at 2.28 acres (property with the house), the smaller 2 parcels which front Campbell Ridge Rd. would be .89 and .88 acres each.

Residents asked a lot of questions about the various problems with the way the Ranchettes were divided and recorded in 1972 that is causing issues like this one. They also spoke out against the requested variance, listing the possible contamination of nearby creeks, as well as how the building of 2 small houses on 2 small lots will affect nearby property values.

The variance was approved, and the issue will be returned to the Kingston Springs Regional Planning Commission for final approval, probably in March.

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