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County Commission Hears from South Cheatham Parents About Recess


The Cheatham County Commission met Monday night. All members were present.

Hope Patterson of Kingston Springs (6th District), presented handouts to the commission before addressing her concern, which is the cuts that have been made to recess times at schools. Patterson is the parent of a 1st grader at Kingston Springs Elementary School, as well as a younger child soon to attend the same school. She noted that recess time has been cut 15 minutes per day due to implementation of Common Core Standards. She stated that although that may meet state requirements, “to me, 90 minutes per week, that’s just not enough for young children.” She read about Tennessee’s obesity problem and the benefits of physical activity for children. Patterson asked that more funds be provided to the schools so that more aides could be hired in order to complete school work in a more timely fashion, leaving more time for recess. Patterson has spoken to Principal Joy Baumann, the School Board and Director of Schools, and now the County Commission. She was followed by 2 other parents with the same concerns.

6th District Commissioner (recently appointed to fill the seat left vacant by LuAnn Engelman) Eugene Evans was appointed to the Budget Committee.

The Commission passed a resolution expressing sympathy for the loss of Pegram resident Polly Stuart, stating that she “loved her family, her friends and the Pegram Community.”

There was a lengthy discussion about people living in recreational vehicles, many of them due to the 2010 flood damage in the Chapmansboro area. Eventually commissioners asked for further information from County Building Commissioner Chris Atkins, as well as the county planner and the county attorney so that they could further discuss the issue. Chairman John Haines encouraged them to try to come up with “try to get something that fits more than one specific area”.

Donnie Jordan reported that the Education Committee has requested information from the School Board about how the Maintenance Program for the District works. This comes after last month when 6th District Commissioner Jimmy Hedgepath reported a lengthy list of maintenance issues in the southern cluster, some of them dangerous. The Education Committee officially recessed their meeting until Monday, March 24th at 6p.m. where they will meet at the Board of Education office with the Board, and try to get information on how the maintenance program works.

The Cheatham County Commission meets on the third Monday of each month at 7p.m. in the Courthouse in Ashland City.


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