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Natalie’s Birthday Shopping Trip to Benefit the Cheatham County Animal Control Animals



Natalie Smith is a little girl, a third grader from Pleasant View Elementary School, with a very big heart! Recently, as part of her Pleasant View 24 Church’s Serve Sunday, Natalie gave her time to the Cheatham County Animal Control facility. She and her Mom, Amy Johnson-Bloodgood, met facility volunteer and project coordinator Kristen Michael there and got ready to help out. Amy said that soon, Natalie came to her crying, she was so sad that “they’re all in their cages and they’re stuck here.”

After they returned home later that day, Amy told Natalie that they could come up with a way to help the animals at the facility if Natalie wanted to, and she definitely did! Amy’s 9th birthday was just around the corner, and she decided that for her birthday, instead of gifts she would like for everyone to help her raise some funds. She had a goal of $100 when they set up her Go Fund Me Account, and started letting folks know about it. Then Natalie visited the local businesses in Pleasant View, most of which were more than happy to help her with her birthday project. “She was just so surprised at how many people donated!”, Amy explained. $513 was ready when the big shopping day arrived.

Last weekend Natalie and Scooter and a few others went to Wal Mart (where store Manager Ethan kicked in a $50 gift card), Tractor Supply (where Anthony gave her a discount) to pick up just the right things to make the animals at the facility warm, clean and HAPPY! She picked out toys, treats, paper towels, brooms and dustpans, collars, brushes, shedder blades, and she even got Scooter his own little stuffed chicken!

The fundraising site is still up and accepting funds if you would like to help Natalie continue raising funds for the animals at the Cheatham County Animal Control Facility. Just go to and type in Amy Johnson-Bloodgood. You will see Natalie’s link there.

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