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Editorial: Kelli Workman

SCAreadersSpeakOutTo the Editor:

When I first glanced at Michael Lottman’s extremely lengthy letter to the editor regarding “legislative activity by the Republican/Tea Party-controlled TN House of Representatives,” I thought perhaps the editor should require a limit on the amount of words one can use in his/her letter. But as I continued to read, I didn’t want him to STOP!! How refreshing to hear from someone from our community who has nailed it on the head regarding the insanity going on in our legislature. His assessment is spot on and he should be commended for bringing to light the ridiculousness and corruption of our political leaders. (As if that light isn’t already blinding!)

Thank you SCAdvocate for having the wisdom to print Mr. Lottman’s letter and I will look forward to hearing from him again. We grow weary of reading the same negative comments from the same negative people all the time. It’s nice to hear from a fellow progressive and someone who is obviously very in tune with what’s going on in the circus that we call the Tennessee legislature. I hope everyone who takes this paper read every word and realized that he speaks the truth. And for those who haven’t realized it yet, let’s hope that they see the light before the mid-term elections!

Kelli Workman


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