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5th District County Commissioner Found Guilty Will Serve Jail Time for August DUI

DavidDavidsonBy DALE GRAHAM

Longtime County Commissioner David Davidson was found guilty of driving under the influence [DUI] on Tuesday of this week by a jury of 12.

Davidson was arrested in August after leaving a convenience store on River Rd., “with vehicle tires riding the yellow line”, the report stated. Cheatham County Sherriff’s Officer Gary Ola also noticed the “odor of alcoholic beverage”, in the car, and on Davidson’s breath as well, and stated that Davidson had “glazed eyes” and rambled and repeated his answers when questioned.

The mandatory blood test performed after Davidson failed 2 field sobriety tests resulted in a .13 blood alcohol level, the TN state legal limit is .08. Davidson also has prior DUI arrests.

After the verdict was announced Officer Ola said, “Justice has been served”.

Mr. Davidson was sentenced to 11 months 29 days suspended after serving 48 hrs. He was ordered to perform 24 hrs of public service, $350.00 fine and court cost. Also loss of License for 1 year. He surrendered his license to the court on Tuesday. He is to report to serve his sentence on May 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM. He was credited with the 4 hours served on the night of his arrest, and so will remain in the jail for 44 hours. He will also have to attend DUI Safety school and pick up litter for 24 hours as well.

Judge George Sexton was the sentencing Judge. Sexton also ruled that once Mr. Davidson completes his sentence, he will come off of supervised probation.

Davidson is on the ballot for another term as 5th District (Pegram area) Commissioner in the August election.


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