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Harpeth Basketball Awards Banquet

It has been a while since Basketball Season but they held their Awards Banquet last Monday Night.

It was a fun night, and by the time the Awards began everyone was well fed and ready. First up was Will Mantlo and his first Awards as Harpeth Mens’ Basketball Coach.

Then it was Candy Turner introducing her Cheerleaders: “The 2013-2014 Harpeth High School Cheerleading Season came to a wonderful end on Monday night, April 21st, 2014. We had our annual Basketball and Cheerleading Banquet.

“The Cheerleaders cheer for two seasons and it is full of games, fundraisers, practices and much more for almost a year. We have been awesome in cheering, stunting, and tumbling, but we have also been successful in the classroom. In the first semester we had five girls to achieve a 3.5+ grade point average and two in the second semester with 3.5+ grade point average.

1st semester: Summer Gourneau, Madison Sparks, Cailey Maternowski, Julia Brackman, and Kylie Apodaca.

2nd semester: Summer Gourneau and Madison Sparks.

Summer has a 3.9 and is in the top 10 of her class. She has been our Indian Mascot.

We are so proud of our girls for what they accomplish in the classroom and on the field and court.

Each cheerleader was presented with a certificate, a bar acknowledging a year on the team, a cd of pictures of the cheering year, and a cheer medal.

Kyla Arrington and Candy Turner, coaches of the Harpeth High School Cheerleaders, want to thank Doug Loope, Will Mantlo, Jimmy Mitchell, the girls and boys basketball teams, the football team, Allen Collins, and Dr. Ryan Longnecker for letting the cheerleaders be a part of the football and basketball seasons.”

Then finally it was Lady Indian Coach Jimmy Mitchell and his Girls Team Awards.

Most Improved JV Player was awarded to Kyleigh Ivey. Kyleigh was not in attendance, she was playing Softball. It was pointed out that Kyleigh was one of the only athletes at Harpeth that was playing 3 sports: Volleyball, Basketball and Softball. The other being TC Newton: Football, Basketball, and Baseball.


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