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In between downpours and storms there have been some really beautiful spring days in the area. I have been lucky enough to spend some time on my porch during some of those times, watching what is the most amazing gathering of birds I have ever seen!

Just before last weekend, David filled all the feeders and put some of all of the seeds in the driveway as well. We had corn, peanuts (both shelled and unshelled), thistle seeds and black oil sunflowers seeds. We had put out a large variety of suets as well.

The driveway and feeders were covered up most of the days with goldfinches, doves, red headed woodpeckers, cardinals and bluejays, chickadees, nuthatches, downey and red bellied woodpeckers. The hummingbird feeders were busy all day with the usual busy customers. That would have all been wonderful enough, but the really exciting visitors were the 2 indigo buntings and the dozens of rose breasted grosbeaks!

I wish I had been able to get better photographs, but I didn’t want to move and disturb them. I did snap a couple of decent shots though so that you can see the grosbeaks. I really LOVE these birds. We have never had more than 2 pair before and certainly NEVER observed the behavior that we were lucky enough to watch this weekend. They were everywhere. On the ground, on the feeders, in the trees all around and in the grasses and mayapples below. It was glorious and continues even now.

So if you aren’t seeing the variety in your yard like you used to, try what we did. Put out a bigger variety of seeds and suets, spread them around a little more than you have been. I think we just got into a rut of doing what we do. The birds just wanted something special. We gave it to them, and the rewards have been remarkable! Enjoy spring!

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