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@ The Library by Betty White

@ The Library


Tuesday, June 3rd @ 10:30 – Coffee & Chat and Knit-Us-Together

Wednesday, June 4th @ 9:00 – Friends of the Library Meeting

Note: Thursday, June 12th @ 10:30 Summer Reading Program beginning with Magician Bruce Amato. Sign up now at the library! Mark your calendars!


Child of Mine, by David and Beverly Lewis. Jack Livingston has been raising his nine-year-old adopted niece, Natalie, since the accident that took her parent’s lives. While he travels for work, Natalie is lovingly cared for by Laura, an Amish nanny who loves her as her own. Kelly Maines is nearing the end of her rope. Her baby was kidnapped, the apparent victim of a black market adoption ring, and for eight years Kelly has tirelessly pursued every lead to it’s bitter end. Now, there’s one last lead from a private investigator, just a few miles away lives a girl who matches the profile. Could this be her beloved child? Kelly initiates a “chance” meeting with Jack Livingston. It goes really well, so well he asks her out. One date leads to another and before she can express her original motives, she realizes the Jack is falling for her as she is for him. Now how can she tell Jack why she’s really here? What if Natalie isn’t her real daughter? This was all supposed to be so simple. But nothing in Natalie’s world is simple…

Ghost Ship, by Clive Cussler. When Kurt Austin is injured attempting to rescue the passengers and crew from a sinking yacht, he wakes with fragmented and conflicted memories. Did he see an old friend and her children drown, or was the yacht abandoned when he came aboard? For reasons he cannot explain, he doesn’t trust either version of his recollection. Determined to know the truth, he begins to search for answers, and soon finds himself descending into a shadowy world of state-sponsored cybercrime, and uncovering a pattern of vanishing scientists, suspicious accidents, and a web of human trafficking. With the help of Joe Zavala, he takes on the sinister organization at the heart of this web, facing off with them in locations ranging from Monaco to North Korea to the rugged coasts of Madagascar. But where he will ultimately end up even he could not begin to guess….

Suspicion, by Joseph Finder. When single father Danny Goodman suddenly finds himself unable to afford the private school his teenage daughter adores, he has no one to turn to for financial support. In what seems a stroke of brilliant luck, Danny meets Thomas Galvin, the father of his daughter’s new best friend, who happens to be one of the wealthiest men in Boston. Galvin is aware of Danny’s situation and out of the blue offers a $50,000 loan to help Danny cover his daughters tuition. Uncomfortable but desperate, Danny takes the money, promising to pay Galvin back. What transpires is something Danny never imagined. The moment the money is wired to his account, the DEA comes knocking on his door. Danny’s impossible choice, an indictment for accepting drug money that he can’t afford to fight in court, or an unthinkably treacherous undercover assignment helping the government get close to his new family friend. As Danny begins to lie to everyone in his life, including those he loves most in the world, he must decide once and for all who the real enemy is or risk losing everything, and everyone, that matters to him….

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