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John Haines announces his re-election campaign for 6th District Commissioner

hainesThe last four years have been the toughest in county history for the 6th district. Just four short years ago, we were campaigning during the flood. How well we remember that! Two short years later, we had a tornado. Our county has certainly had its share of strife, and we have persevered through it all. This last term of the county commission, with all its unique problems, has been the most rewarding term I have ever had the privilege of serving. My fellow commissioners made sure they were aware of all of the county’s issues. Although these problems were only present in certain areas of the county, we all worked together to get through them. Fellow commissioners, thank you for a great job. I will always be grateful for all your help and support.

In 2011 I was elected chairman of the commission by my fellow commissioners. I have served in this position for the past three years. In 2012 my fellow commissioners chose me to become department head of the Veteran’s Affairs Office. I became the first county commissioner chairman in the state to operate an office. With help from two of my fellow commissioners, we then hired a veteran service officer, built offices, and have remained in operation ever since. I am extremely proud to be a part of this operation. As well as serving as the chairman of the county commission, I also chair the Agriculture Committee and am chairman of the Construction Oversight committee. In addition, I serve on the Road and Bridge Committee, Capital Improvements Committee, Calendar Rules and Nomination Committee, Emergency Services Committee, Education Committee, and the County Redistricting Committee. I also serve on the Agriculture Advisory Committee of Harpeth High School. I served as a captain on the Kingston Springs Fire Department under Chief Ray Crouch. I have also been given the privilege of serving on the Governor’s Staff under Bill Haslam. We have made amazing progress in our county, and there is ongoing business that I would like to help finish. We have worked on a comprehensive Emergency Service plan for many years. This includes a new fire hall in the 6th district, as well as a new tanker that would be operated by the Kingston Springs Fire Department. This will be very beneficial to residents of our county, and I would like to see the project to completion.

I am a business man. I own and operate Haines Equipment Company. This is an auto transport and leasing company in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. I am married to my lovely wife, Annette Haines. I have five children and 14 1/2 grandchildren (our new addition is due in August). I am a member of Craggie Hope United Methodist Church, as well as President of the Cheatham County Laity Club of all of the Methodist Churches in the county. In the last two years I have worked hard to finish my education, and on June 10th I will be confirmed as a minister of the United Methodist Church.

If reelected, I will continue to work with my fellow commissioners to make Cheatham County a great place to call home. I will lead with respect and fairness to help the county operate within its means. I will work with other business leaders as well as county officials to develop a good working environment. I will remember that our children are our future and work hard to ensure they have plentiful opportunities. On August 7th, please vote to re-elect John Haines for 6th district commissioner. I will proudly be your voice in county government. Your vote will be gratefully appreciated.

John Haines, County Commission Chairman,
and the Haines Family

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