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Holder Announces Candidacy for Sheriff

holderWhile under the administration of Sheriff John Holder, the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Dept. has joined with four other agencies to implement a D.I.C.E team whose mission is to fight the ongoing battle against drugs. This organization has made multiple drug seizures and has confiscated money from drug sales. Our Drug Fund has gone from $89,659.00 in 2007 to $415,523.00 to date.

For our deputies, Sheriff Holder allocated these funds to purchase five vehicles for our Criminal Investigation Division, two new patrol cars, rifles, electronic fingerprint machine, tasers, and spike strips. Grants received have purchased vests, in-car video cameras and provided overtime pay to conduct DUI checkpoints and saturations. The purchase of such equipment keeps our deputies safe and protects the rights of our citizens.

We have established an in-service program for our deputies by POST certified instructors to maintain qualifications. Opening the program to out of county agencies has helped cover a large portion of costs.

Our schools now have 3 resource deputies due to an agreement between the school board and the sheriffs department. These deputies are instrumental in keeping our children and schools safe.

Sheriff Holder has implemented a commissary at the jail to ensure inmates have access to what they need. The revenues produced at the commissary are used to purchase inmate supplies, jailer uniforms, and security cameras. This has drastically decreased the amount of contraband brought into the jail. We now have a nurse onsite to care for inmates-which has cut costs for outpatient care. The sheriffs department has also implemented a detail wherein inmates do liter pick-up, work at the landfill, animal shelter, and maintenance projects. This has served in keeping Cheatham County clean and beautiful while saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.

We appreciate all of you and look forward to serving and protecting Cheatham County in the next four years.

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