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utilityThe Second South Cheatham Utility District recently received a sanitary survey inspection from the State of Tennessee’s Division of Water Resources. The inspection was conducted by two inspectors from the Division of Water Resources. This specific inspection is conducted at least every three years by the Division of Water Resources. The inspection consists of 599 possible point deductions that are examined by the State of Tennessee. The Second South Cheatham Utility District is proud to announce that they have earned a score of 100! This is the fourth consecutive perfect score for the District. The State of Tennessee’s Division of Water Resources “commends the District with overall outstanding performance for the fourth consecutive sanitary survey in a row”.

The Second South Cheatham Utility District has a Board of Commissioners who take their positions very seriously. All Board members are very pleased with the latest inspection score. The Board of Commissioners pass policies and make sound financial decisions for the District. Our customers should be extremely proud to have these three members who also have experience and service with this District ranging from eleven to twenty years. Our Board has guided, and continues to guide this District through construction projects such as: a new water treatment facility, several new water tanks, waterline upgrades and also our current project, a raw water intake on Turnbull Creek. The sanitary survey scores we receive are the direct result of these Board Members’ leadership, experience, and knowledge, enabling them to provide the employees what they need for continued success and the production of quality, safe drinking water. Our Board consists of Commissioners Jason West (Chairman – Board Member for 20 years), H.O. Lampley (Secretary – Board Member for 18 years) and C.H. Hannah (Treasurer – Board Member for 11 years).

The employees of Second South Cheatham Utility District are to be commended for their hard work and dedication to provide safe drinking water for all of our customers. The District’s personnel include: Bill Zimmerman – General Manager, Wanda Baker – Office Administrator, Rhonda Mays and Sheryl Baker – Customer Service Representatives, James Hedgepath – Distribution System Manager, Brent Stuart – Certified Distribution System Operator and Certified Grade III Water Plant Operator, Mark Moran – Water Plant Chief Operator, Ronnie Nash and Justin Hedgepath – Certified Grade IV Water Plant Operators and our newest employee, Reed Williams. All Distribution and Water Treatment Personnel are licensed and certified by the State of Tennessee. Our recently hired employee should be licensed in 2015.

The Second South Cheatham Utility District also has in place on call personnel for emergencies after normal business hours for both the water treatment facility and distribution system. This requires extreme dedication and a very flexible work schedule. The dedication of the on call employees ensures emergency service for every customer and our entire water system infrastructure.

The health of our customers always comes first, making our main priority to provide safe drinking water to every customer. The employees that I work with every day are very knowledgeable, efficient and dedicated. As General Manager, I want to publicly thank our Board of Commissioners and all the employees for their sacrifices, extreme dedication and for another job well done.

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