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Attention Second South Cheatham Utility District Customers

ServLine offers water loss protection through Second South Cheatham Utility

Second South Cheatham Utility District will begin offering a new service through a company call “Servline”.  It is basically an option for insurance for excessive water leaks caused by underground line breaks. Starting October 1st, the water department will no longer make adjustments for water leaks and all adjustments wil be handled through the Servline company.
Information was included with the most recent water bill about Water Loss Coverage being offered through Servline and is only available to residential customers.  The protection would cover excess water charges resulting from “eligible plumbing leaks”.   The following guidelines determine if a leak will be considered eligible:
1.    The leak must be underground.  Leaks from dripping faucets, leaking commodes and other leaks   in the customers plumbing not located underground do not qualify.
2.    The excess usage must be four times greater than the normal monthly water usage
Example:   (1)      $50  –   Average bill (prev. 4 months)
$175  – Amount of bill caused from a leak
This bill would not be eligible for coverage since it was less than 4 times the normal average bill.
Example: (2)           $50 – Average bill (prev. 4 months)
$200 or more – Amount of bill caused from leak
Customer would be responsible to pay their average bill ($50 in the example) and Servline would pay any excess charges over each customer’s average.
3.      A residential customer may only receive one leak adjustment during any 12 month period.
The cost of this protection is $2.00 per month and will automatically be added to the next billing period.  If you do not want to participate in this program you need to call the Servline number at 615-475-1074 to “opt out” of the coverage.
As of October 1st, all residential leak adjustments will only be available through the Servline Water Loss Protection and customers that “opt out” of the protection will be responsible to pay the full amount of all bills incurred from leaks or line breaks.
Water Line Protection – Servline is also offering coverage for the repair or replacement of the water line from the water meter to the foundation of your home for up to $10,000 with no deductible and no annual limit.  The coverage includes public paved surfaces and $500 for basic site restoration and $500 for private paved surfaces including sidewalks or driveways.  The cost of this coverage is an additional $4.95 per month and you must call Servline 615-475-1074 to obtain this coverage.  Adding coverage after October 1st will result in a 30 day waiting period for the protection to apply.

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