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David Harris

sca EditorialTo the editor:

Polly Hand, in her discussion of the increase in her health insurance payments in her letter in this week’s Advocate, says, “In one phase AMERICANS are paying for the illegals coming over here.” No doubt I am just not smart enough to see the connection between health insurance costs and undocumented immigrants. I hope she can see her way clear to enlightening me.

Ms. Hand also tells us that Congressman Cooper’s letter is “full of lies.” I do not have the background to tell exactly what in the letter is untrue. Could she, again, enlighten me?

Mullah Homer Dodson also had a letter in this week’s issue. He claims that Vatican City “is guarded and has walls to the hilt.” Does he believe that an urban environment such as Rome would be better without police? Would he urge Nashville, or Kingston Springs, to disband the police? As to the walls, I have been to the Vatican, and the walls are not “to the hilt.” It is quite easy to walk into the Vatican; to enter St. Peter’s Basilica from Rome one simply walks across the plaza. The plaza is ringed with columns, but there is no difficulty in walking between the columns, and they are not guarded other than by the occasional policeman. The walls that do exist were not built under the current pope. Construction began in the year 800, when the political situation in central Italy was somewhat different than it is today. Comparisons with a wall built to keep poor Mexicans, or Americans, from crossing the border in search of economic security are just silly.

And if Mullah Homer wants to know how Pope Francis interprets the gospel, Wikipedia has a fair summary of his views on a number of important issues at

David Harris
The Ranchettes
Kingston Springs

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