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Editorial: Anna Ruth Garner

I am writing this letter, this day to express my grave concern for the future of our nation.  We are currently out of control in soo many ways.   We are barreling down the road of anger, hatred, and fear.  A road which may lead to our destruction.  I would say we are at a crossroad.  A crossroad like no other in our history.  But, I am sure that we have blindly travelled passed that point.

We must stop for at least a quiet moment or two, to calm ourselves….Turn around….go back to the crossroad.…make a different choice in direction.  Take the road “less travelled.”  We all know, at least subconsciously that being calm, loving and kind is where happiness resides.  Our families’ happiness and safety depends on what direction we choose.

We must try, best we can, to set aside the emotion that is attached to the nicks, cuts, and bruises we all have suffered, myself included, over our lifetime…unjust as they maybe.  Those injuries may have been physical and/or psychological, but never the less we need to set aside at least some of the emotion and “use the strength we possess for another’s good.”  Those others, are our families and all those that live in our nation.

Together we can save ourselves and our nation.  We do not have the luxury of time.  And we would be wise to remember and internalize the historical motto  “Together we stand, divided we fall.”  Again the choice is ours.

And in regards to choosing a President.  I am not sure there will ever be more riding on one election.  It seems we are locked in a fiery battle between the twins of good and evil.  Which side will prevail?  Some will say I am being overdramatic.  I think not.  It matters not, in what camp you position yourself.  It matters that we elect a strong and courageous leader to guide us in making this course correction.  They must be able and willing to make the hard decisions, resist cronyism, and be willing to compromise.  Our President needs to embody the values we hold dear.  First they must be loving and kind, yet strong and courageous, and loyal.   They must live and speak the truth.  For without honesty there can be no trust.  And lastly but not least, they must be wise.

I ask you respectfully, to look into all the presidential candidates faces.  At first glance, would you say they are imbued with above mentioned traits?  Take a second look, then a third.  And then at home or at the library, get online and research the candidates records.  Compare what they say to what their records show.  And then, and only then, choose the candidate you feel is best suited to become the commander and chief of our great nation.  And when election day arrives, step up confidently and with pride and cast your vote that is your right.  A right, paid for by sacrifices made by the sons and daughters of the families of our nation, both on foreign and domestic soils.

I soo thank you for “listening.”
May the “force be with us”
With heart felt love and sincerity,

Anna Ruth Garner
An Earthian
The Ranchettes

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