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Ita Hardesty Mason

sca EditorialThis June marks the one year anniversary of the massive Dickson Electric easement killing of mostly harmless foliage, and turtles and snakes and birds and what not in harms way. I would like to suggest that we arrange roadside gatherings in the Ranchettes and by the schools and Sonic corner during the weekends of June….and June 4 being the first.  At these gatherings we share the news that we can become a spray free zone by calling DES and placing your property on their no spary list. FYI…615-446-9051….An option that they have had in place since before the BIG KILL. I also think we should see about getting donations for wildflower seeds to sow in these marred areas. The BIG KILL was one of the main reasons this facebook page started. I encourage that we all talk this up with local friends and neighbors. It gathered a lot of attention when it happened, even a spot on channel 4 news, and it is my hope we all rally and continue the steps we need to take to make sure our community and its natural surroundings are not abused by DES and their sub contractors again. Comments and feedback….. Can we do this? Please use the South Cheatham Citizens Association FaceBook page to respond. Thank you.

Ita Hardesty Mason
Kingston Springs

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