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Indicted for Murder of Billy Ray Plunk, BUSTED and Off the Streets!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for many in south Cheatham.

Billy Ray Plunk, Harpeth High School graduate and friend to many, was gunned down on July 23rd in the parking lot
of his apartment at Iroquois in Nashville, while being robbed by two men.

Billy Ray Plunk was laid to rest last week.

It didn’t take police long to identify the suspects. With the help of video camera images and local people who saw, recognized and called in the names of the two men, indictments were handed down by the Davidson County Grand Jury. Jamal Bekhtyar, 29 was already in the Metro jail on beer theft charges when the indictment was issued. He is being held in lieu of $750,000 bond.  Also indicted was another former Harpeth student, Joseph Ware.

That’s when the many, many friends of Billy Ray did what often doesn’t happen in these times. They spread the word, they did some of their own investigating. They watched Ware’s Facebook accounts (several of them under different names). They grew more and more furious as Ware continued to post on Facebook while on the lamb, even threatening those who were trying to help locate him. They helped the Metro Police Department identify and eventually locate and arrest Joe Ware on Tuesday afternoon of this week.

Metro police reported that Ware was taken into custody by Special Response Team officers and West Precinct undercover detectives while in the passenger seat of a car in the parking lot of Grand Slam Market in Madison. The 34-year-old was then formally charged with first-degree murder.

Click here to see more photos of local man and friend to many, Billy Ray Plunk.

Click here to view photos of Joseph Ware and Jamal Bekhtyar.

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